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Intelligent Plant Water System
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We,Maleo Automation, introduce ourselves as innovative and unique solution provider in Watering Plants and agriculture lands. We provide complete solutions for watering plants automation using PLC and wireless equipments.

Our services also include customise development in varying application for irrigation in nurseries,landscapes ,housing societies,hotels,resorts etc.

We have very strong technical expertise with highly qualified technical workforce. Our research team is lead by an Engineering graduate of Pune University and has over 10 years of cross-functional experience in pumps and valves. We have strong support from technical experts from industries through which we aim to deliver excellence in water management area.

At Maleo Automation, we are bind to give complete customer satisfaction.


We at Maleo Automation are Striving hard for conserving the most precious component on Earth - "Water". Water saving is what we believe in to save our Earth.


As described right amount of water at the right time for the right quality yield will attract people to purchase the product. Secondly with no manpower the system continues to work and takes care of the project. Thirdly the power issues for supplying water are also considered within the system so that areas with affected power supply can work with the system in case of limited power.

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The system is developed for the need of watering plants in the absence of people or less manpower .The system helps maintaining the appropriate amount of water required for the plants irrespective of the individuals. The system is based on Programmable logic Controllers commonly know as PLC. Along with PLC, water pump and some drip irrigation material is used for watering. 

The variations such as time interval for which the water to be given, or how many times the water to be given can be set in the system .The effect of the seasonal changes for watering can be made by user without much effort.

Case Study for Terrace Garden in Pune

Old Method Of Watering: Manual

No.of Pots : 80 

Amount of Water for each Pot :800 ml (one mug)

Frequency : 1 time/day

Total Water Consumption (A) = 0.800 x 80 x 365 = 23660 lit/years

New method of Watering : Intelligent Plant Watering System.

No.of Pots: 80

Frequency : 4 times/day

Amount of water for each pot/each time : 100 ml ( with 6 litres/hr dripper)

Total water consumption (B) = 0.100 x 4 x 80 x 365 = 11680 lit/years

Net Water Saving ( A - B)  = 23360-11680 = 11680 lit/year i.e 50 %

**Saving results may vary for the climatic conditions and growth of plants.

** Actual site Readings taken for 1 year. 


  • Helps in timely watering plants in the nurseries , offices , large landscapes , homes etc
  • Seasonal changes can be made like in rainy seasons the amount of water given should be low and in summer it is high.
  • Settings can be made to deliver water in user defined frequencies like two times or four times a day accordingly.
  • Water tank for the pump where the water is stored is under level control so that motor will not run dry.
  • In case of no lights or currents, the system calculates the day long work and accordingly works after the current is back.
  • No need to store much water than the required quantity and can be filled when the system requires .Also the wastage of water is also avoided.
  • No human interference except the initials settings
  • All alarms and indication help the user to keep a watch whether the work is done.


Provisions can be made for various pumps which can deliver fertilizers also in the same manner and exact quantity weekly or bi-weekly etc

All the process can be monitored with the help of mobile and internet or smart phone applications.


This type of facilities can save enough water , help nursery business and homemade gardens to maintain the freshness of their plants

In this world of instant things it will help young generations to grow more plants and save earth

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